Gardening Gal Skeleton Garden Embroidery Patch
Gardening Gal Skeleton Garden Embroidery Patch
Gardening Gal Skeleton Garden Embroidery Patch
Pink Bird Originals

Gardening Gal Skeleton Garden Embroidery Patch

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Please note all items are made to order by Pink Bird Originals and production time can take between 3 - 5 days.

Size: 9cm x 10cm

How to apply patch to fabric: Patches are waterproof to an extent. Do not tumble dry. For washing machine use, use a cool wash. Would recommend hand-washing if possible. Washing at a high temperature will affect/damage the adhesive backing.
• Patches come with iron-on adhesive backing "Heat-N-Bond"
• Set the iron to the cotton setting or equivalent
• Peel off paper liner
• Place the patch adhesive side down on top of your fabric then iron from fabric side onto patch.
• Press and hold the iron on the patch for 10-12 seconds until the entire piece has bonded. For thicker fabrics, a longer time may be required.
• DO NOT PRESS IRON DIRECTLY ONTO LEATHER EFFECT OR HOLOGRAPHIC MATERIAL: this will destroy the patch, only iron from reverse side of patch.
• Remove iron and press patch to fabric ensuring the patch and the material are flat.
• It is imperative that you wait for your patch to cool completely before testing to see if it’s secure as bonding only takes place when the adhesive has completely cooled. Heat-N-Bond also recommend you either hand or machine sew along edges of the item to the fabric for extra security.