Bumblebee Bee Iron On Embroidery Patch
Bumblebee Bee Iron On Embroidery Patch
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Bumblebee Bee Iron On Embroidery Patch

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Size: Approx 4.5cm x 4.5cm 

Price Includes 1 patch.
How to apply patch to fabric:
Patches are waterproof to an extent.
Do not tumble dry.
For washing machine use, use a cool wash.
We would recommend hand-washing if possible. Washing at a high temperature will affect/damage the adhesive backing.
Patches come with iron-on adhesive backing "Heat-N-Bond":
- Set the iron to the cotton setting or equivalent
- Peel off paper liner
- Place the patch adhesive side down on top of your fabric then iron from fabric side onto patch. - Press and hold the iron on the patch for 10-15 seconds or until the glue has melted. For thicker fabrics, a longer time may be required.
- Do not attempt to test to see if your patch has stuck until after it has completely cooled. Moving the patch while still warm will disrupt the bonding process.

We also recommend you add a few stitches around the edge of the patch to your fabric just to be sure it's EXTRA secure.